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How to Use ShowBox on Android Devices

Android devices can be basically known as “slaves for mankind” just because we don’t play slavery to our own smart device when you have an android OS running on it. Within the limits which your device manufacturer might already has been setup, yet you can do a vast number of stuffs to your device and feel the freedom on it. Downloading & streaming free videos with Showbox is one of them without altering your device’s warranty scheme.

ShowBox is the best tool to find more compassionate while streaming video on your smart device, let’s say your android tablet or smartphone. As we mentioned above this app is not legitimate to all the countries around the world and in order to keep out from the burning risk which is being exposed, the developers have decided not to include this on official Google Play Store where all your apps on your phone or tablet being installed right now.

But you see the bright side always, and that’s why you end up here reading this. You are using an Android like I said once, you have plenty of options to use ShowBox like apps, (where you cannot find on typical Play Store always) on your device with no risks and restrictions. All you have to do is to download the Application Package File (usually comes with the extension .APK/Showbox.apk) to your device and run it.

In order to download the .APK file for ShowBox app you may need to follow this clean link and get the file to your device. If you use a PC to download this file you may need to transfer the downloaded APK file to your device using Bluetooth or USB cable like always you transfer pictures or audios.

Once the APK file is set on your device’s storage (Commonly in download folder), you may need to locate it using your file browser. Please follow the following points in order to set that up correctly without voiding your warranty from the manufacturer or any type of insurances.

Steps to Install ShowBox APK on Android Device

  1. First of all, Download the installation APK file from the link here. Showbox APK v5.05
  2. Tap and open the Downloaded ShowBox.apk file from your Android device file manager.
  3. From Android versions 4.0 or above you will be asked to allow this file from installing from unknown sources to your device, with a warning that this might be harmful. This warning is typically usual since the Google’s Android OS was told only to trust Google Play Store Apps. You can trust the ShowBox.apk since you downloaded it from here with trusted source provider. Tap “Allow” to begin the installation.
  4. Follow the installation screen and wait for the installation to complete.
  5. Once the installation is successfully completed your app is ready to use exclusively!
  6. Find the ShowBox app from your app drawer as usual for other apps and tap to open it.
  7. Woala! You have done everything in your power to bring the freedom of watching unlimited movies and TV shows for a lifetime!

To consider whether you have any further options to use,

  • You don’t have to register yourself before using services here. It’s completely anonymous.
  • Free for lifetime! No expiration or service maintenance is required.
  • You may have to allow read/write permissions for your storage within the app only if asks since the app creates temporary files while you watch the streaming media in order to give you seek options. This notification will pop-up only once after the app is being installed and opened. (commonly for Android Emotion UI installed phones, i.e.: Huawei Android Phones / Tablets)
  • You don’t have to worry about updating the app since the internal framework updates itself while you watch movies or TV shows without giving you a fuss to install updated from Play Store.

More can be found on the Features of ShowBox App section for further digging.

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