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showbox for ios

How to use ShowBox on iPhone or iPad

Nearly a half of the world currently uses iOS or Mac OS based Apple Devices. If you are not an android user and who is having an iPhone or an iPad right now with you, you may worried “well, this ShowBox is not for me then I’ll have to pay extra bucks to purchase the movie when it’s out to markets”

The time being worried has been over now. Although what we are going to show is out of ordinary and a work around since the development to an iOS ShowBox app has not yet being built by the developer community; so far this is the best working method to use ShowBox on your iOS device with nothing to worry about plus NO JAILBREAKING required.

In order to install ShowBox app, We’re going to use the vShare freeware here.

Let’s see how in steps to download and install vShare and use ShowBox on top of it.

Steps to install ShowBox on iOS Devices

  1. First you have to open the browser on your iPhone/iPad and visit to download the ShowBox. If you have android device you can download latest ShowBox APK from this link.
  2. Click on the MovieBox icon under the Best Recommendation tab.
  3. Then, click on the “GET THE APP” button.
  4. It will ask you to allow this application to install. Click on install.
  5. Now the installation process will start. And after completion, you need to trust this application Go to Settings > General > Device Management. Chose the ENTERPRISE APP and hit TRUST.
  6. Now you are the master of your own multimedia streaming world with ShowBox within you iPhone or iPad with no restriction.

Important things while using ShowBox iOS

  • ShowBox team has not yet developed a direct iOS application to run on iOS devices, so in fact if you encounter any hung or freezed conditions while watching a streamed media it is directly possible because of your host OS (iOS) is limiting resources to the 3rd party apps environment. You may have to find help with your 3rd party apps development forums in order to fix this, knowing this has nothing to do with ShowBox installation however.
  • Because of iOS device updates your ShowBox app will be malfunction, Please be aware to update your ShowBox is so happens after you update your iOS.
  • No contact information is stored by ShowBox app yet. As far we know and tested vShare does NOT store any personal data and sync with internet.


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